TM Public

€ 26,00 per m²

The robust heavy-duty plate for operating sites with smaller loads.

  •  designed for loads of 7-20 tons/m²
  •  Floors in warehouses, workshops and production halls
  •  Areas of application: Construction sites, trade fairs and exhibitions, temporary parking lots, outdoor leisure facilities, etc.

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  • Price:

    € 26,00€ 21,85 (netto)
    € 26,00 / m²
    € 21,85 (netto)
    incl. VAT
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    219 €
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We offer quantities of more than 50 m² only via offer to more favorable terms.

Quantities less than 50 m² can only be ordered online.

Suitable accessories

for the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors

The thinner PVC sheets have been specially developed for the events industry, festivals and large concerts and are tailored to the specific requirements of these environments. With their non-slip properties and ability to withstand heavy loads, these mats are durable and provide a stable and safe surface for heavy equipment and light vehicles.

They ensure a smooth flow for light vehicles and pedestrians and protect the floor from damage. Thanks to their special tongue and groove connection system, they are easy to install and remove, making them a very practical choice for temporary floor protection.

The TM Public 22 mm is not only versatile in the event industry - here are some other areas of application for our product.

Areas of application for the TM PUBLIC:

Industrial areas, warehouses, workshops and production halls, sports and cultural events, construction sites, trade fairs and exhibitions, temporary parking lots, outdoor leisure facilities, horse and livestock stables, agricultural and breeding areas, etc.

Application examples

The TM Public is suitable for every application in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.

With our heavy-duty slabs, we offer temporary floor protection slabs for various applications. Lighter mats for pedestrian traffic and mass events, but also heavy-duty mats for heavy construction and machinery equipment. As an industry-leading supplier, we also specialize in the supply of road and construction infrastructure underlays. Our products are used wherever there is a need to protect the ground or secure a construction site.

Data & Facts

TM PUBLIC tiles are suitable for areas with high loads. They consist of recycled PVC. The construction and dimensions have been designed so that the tile can withstand very high loads.

PVC floors are characterized above all by their excellent thermal insulation, easy maintenance, quick assembly and disassembly and chemical resistance.


  •  excellent thermal insulation
  •  high anti-slip properties of the panels
  •  chemical resistance
  •  laborious flammability
  •  easy maintenance
  •  quick assembly and disassembly
  • Material
  • Dimensions
    1200 x 800 mm
  • Weight
    22,92 kg/ m²
  • Strength
    22 mm
  • Slip resistance
    High (R10)
  • Fire protection class
    Flame retardant (Bfl-S1)
  • Absolute footprint
    1165x765 mm (panel has fasteners)


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