ESD floor tiles

Protect your machines with our ESD floor panels. An ESD mat is an ideal dissipative floor.

Our ESD floor covering ensures a high level of protection for your machines and equipment. Antistatic flooring has numerous advantages that you should not do without. As a strong partner for stable and flexible floor solutions, you can also count on us in the area of antistatic flooring such as ESD panels.

With us, you benefit from many years of expertise and technical know-how. From the idea to the implementation, we are there for you.

The most important properties of our ESD floors:

ESD floor

ESD stands for "Electro Statical Discharge".

ESD floors are floor coverings that are able to dissipate electrostatic discharges in a controlled manner due to their special structure.

They are mainly used in laboratories, data centres, the pharmaceutical and electrotechnical industries and even in rooms at risk of explosion.

In addition to the ESD floor tiles, a grounding strap and a grounding set are required, which are available separately.

These very resistant and easy-care tiles are suitable for rooms in which an ESD floor is to be installed quickly and easily without gluing.

Rely on an ideal combination of stable and reliable conductivity and proven service life of the ESD floor covering.

PVC tiles


TM Mechanic ESD
from € 97,00/ m²€ 81,51 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
from € 84,00/ m²€ 70,59 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Antistatic
from € 52,00/ m²€ 43,70 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
Advantages of ESD floor tiles

Application examples

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With ESD floor to permanent and reliable discharge capability.

With an antistatic ESD floor, you protect electronic devices from damage. Electrostatic discharges (ESD) pose a risk to the functionality and quality of electronic products. Therefore, a high protection factor against such discharges is of high relevance for the production or installation of electronic components. Even discharges of less than 100 volts that are imperceptible to humans can cause serious damage to sensitive components. With an ESD floor, we offer reliable protection against discharges of all kinds.

Why do I need an ESD floor?

Our ESD floor provides reliable protection against discharges and ensures intact operation at all times. Taking ESD protection measures is necessary in numerous work sectors - whether in manufacturing, laboratories, production, warehouses, technical customer service or electrostatic discharge assembly sites.

In modern work sectors, ESD protection measures are becoming increasingly relevant - especially in areas such as computer technology, industrial electronics, electronics production or automotive electronics. A typical ESD workplace involves working with critical components that must not be exposed to ESD radiation.

ESD radiation is a major source of danger in various industrial sectors for impairing the functionality and quality of electronic product goods. The problem is that the damage caused is often not directly detectable. If they are not detected, however, it is not uncommon for major financial losses to result.

By laying an ESD floor, we ensure permanent conductivity and a high level of occupational safety. Our conductive ESD floor not only fulfills functional properties, but also meets aesthetic requirements. With a multi-faceted selection of different color shades, our ESD floor can be ideally adapted to various applications.

Furthermore, the ESD systems offer high resistance to high loads.

If you have any further questions about ESD floors, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed advice. Our experts will be happy to analyze your current situation and develop an individual ESD protection system based on it.