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7,500 m² / Production area Ford-Werke GmbH, 50735 Köln

Ford is one of the most traditional and largest car manufacturers in the world. In order to guarantee the necessary quality in the production of the vehicles, many components are needed. This also includes a floor that can withstand loads of up to 10t permanently without any problems. Ford has found this floor with our TM Strong 9 mm PVC tile, which was recently laid on 7,500 m² of production area.

In order to be able to realize a project of this magnitude, you need not only experience, know-how and flexibility, but above all the trust of the client. We are proud that Ford has placed this trust in us and equally proud that we were able to justify it. The process, which took several months, went as agreed and the tiles were on site on time. The result is definitely something to be proud of and represents a durable and high-quality solution.

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5,100 m² / Exhibition space Metabowerke GmbH, 72622 Nürtingen

Day after day, Metabo products prove their performance. In professional use - under the toughest conditions - worldwide. Where professionals give their best, they must be able to rely 100% on a partner, even more: they must trust him.

For several years now, Metabo has been successfully using our TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles in the company colors green and Rosso red as stand-alone solutions or sets printed with logos in various DIY stores and sales centers throughout Europe. These CI-compliant floors enable Metabo to present its power tools to its customers in an even better and more targeted manner. Nowadays, perfectly coordinated sales stands and points of sale that harmonize with the company's colors and products are an important factor in creating customer confidence and increasing product sales.

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4,033 m² / Transformer stations Westnetz GmbH, 49086 Osnabrück

Westnetz is one of the largest electricity and gas distribution network operators in Germany. With 5,800 employees, 175,000 kilometers of electricity network and 24,000 kilometers of gas network, the company has been ensuring for many years that customers are supplied with energy efficiently and without disruption around the clock. As a distribution network operator, Westnetz is actively shaping the energy transition - through the future-oriented expansion and conversion of infrastructure, modern processes and innovative technologies. In short: by creating smart grids.

For its transformer installations, Westnetz was looking for slip-resistant, water-permeable and fire protection-certified PVC sheets for outdoor use. With our perforated TM Universal 14 mm made of recycled PVC, you have found a suitable and sustainable solution that ensures that employees can move around the slippery installations without any problems - perfect for employee occupational safety.

3,300 m² / Storage area Neuhäuser GmbH, D-44532 Lünen

Neuhäuser GmbH can look back on decades of success in several industrial sectors. In line with the growth, the company has also expanded in terms of space over the years and is always striving to keep the various halls in good shape and thus offer its own employees as well as tenants a modern working environment.

At this point they were looking for a way to restore the floor in a former production hall and considered several options, including our PVC tiles. After several personal visits, a concept was created to use TM Strong 9 mm to make the subfloor fit for the new tenant - a wholesaler with large storage needs and high shelves - without extensive renovation.

Within just under three weeks, more than 3,300 m² were laid, the floor is hardly recognizable and ready for immediate use. The company Neuhäuser GmbH was very satisfied with the product as well as the entire installation and has already announced further demand. We are looking forward to future cooperation and will be happy to provide advice and support in the future as well.

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1.600 m² / Production and storage hall GRESCHBACH Industrie & Stahlbau GmbH, 79336 Herbolzheim

TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles were used for a heavy-duty production and warehouse facility. The quick and easy installation meant that downtime was kept to a minimum and the floor was ready for immediate use. This and the high load-bearing capacity of the tiles had been a decisive factor for the customer with an area of 1,600 m²..

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1,250 m² / Production area Rittal GmbH & Co. KG, D-35726 Herborn

Making complex things simple. That is the guiding principle of Rittal GmbH & Co. KG in Herborn. It is the driver of developments and was the inspiration for the first standardization of control cabinets. Today and in the future, it is the core idea of all innovations. In countless small enclosure functions, in large value-added processes in control and switchgear engineering, and in IT solutions worldwide. Since its foundation in 1961, Rittal has continuously developed into the world's leading system provider.

In January 2022, Rittal approached us because they were looking for an easy-to-install floor solution for the intermediate platform in steel plant construction for a production area in Herborn. This is where our robust TM Strong 9 mm PVC tiles came into play, which turned out to be the ideal solution for this project. Robust, forklift and electric forklift accessible and quick and easy to install. So the project was implemented in July 2022 by our professional installation team and the 1,250 m² was completely laid within just one week. Minor unevenness on the intermediate platform was repaired beforehand, and the slabs were expertly trimmed at critical points on the edges. The customer is satisfied and further projects have already been requested from us.

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1,200 m² / production and storage space Demag Cranes & Components GmbH, D-58300 Wetter

DEMAG Cranes & Components GmbH from Wetter is a major employer in the south-eastern Ruhr area and, as one of the world's leading manufacturers of powerful and reliable industrial cranes, crane components and drive technology, is a well-known name in the economic landscape. This was another reason why we were delighted to be asked to check the local conditions and offer 1,200 m² of resilient PVC flooring. After a meeting on site, it was clear that the 9 mm-thick TM Strong was the right tile to meet the demanding industrial requirements.

Of course, a customer also wants to see a product in practice, which is why we supplied a corresponding test area. This was used intensively for a week and was found to be suitable. This meant that nothing stood in the way of the order and the installation itself was also carried out by our professional floor layers, so that the project was fully completed after just over a week of installation during ongoing operations. We would like to express our thanks for the close cooperation, which made it easy for us to complete such an extensive project to the customer's complete satisfaction, and we look forward to further projects with DEMAG Cranes & Components GmbH, which have already been announced.

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830 m² / Production and Storage area STAR COOPERATION GmbH, 71034 Böblingen

Since 1997, STAR COOPERATION has been helping companies of all sizes and from all industries to efficiently plan, design and successfully implement projects. As our customer, you benefit from interdisciplinary know-how and synergies from the fields of CONSULTING, ELECTRONICS, ENGINEERING, IT, LOGISTICS and MEDIA. Experienced experts accompany you in practice: As reliable partners, they provide you with innovative ideas and well thought-out solutions - precisely adapted to your needs. So that you make the best use of your resources and improve every day.

In this project, a total of 830 m² of our TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles were laid for the production and storage area. The tiles have now been in use for some time and the company continues to be impressed with the easy to install, flexible and high quality flooring solution. We are happy to have STAR COOPERATION as a strong and satisfied partner on our side!

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800 m² / Sales and Storage area BOME Indoor Kart GmbH & Co. KG (Daytona Kart Center), D-45356 Essen

The request from the Daytona Kartbahn in Essen reached us already last year. The project was to make a side hall over 800 m² with a really dilapidated subsoil fit for a new renter.

In cooperation with the owner of the karting track, a plan was developed on how to turn the very undulating subfloor into a fairly even surface. Our installation team leveled out all major irregularities and then laid the slabs in just a few days. The final result satisfied all lots and proved once again that especially the 7 mm TM Mechanic is an excellent option to make older uneven floors usable again even for demanding customers.

It's great to see that our offer - to carry out even more complex projects - is becoming more and more popular and that our site visits are resulting in customers like the Daytona Kart Track putting their trust in us.

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450 m² / Floor space in production FläktGroup Wurzen GmbH, 04808 Wurzen

FläktGroup was founded in 2016 - DencoHappel and Fläkt Woods have joined forces to create a market leader in energy-efficient indoor air technology solutions. FläktGroup is the new European market leader in energy-efficient indoor air technology solutions, offering its customers the highest quality standards for improved air comfort and well-being.

In this project, 450 m² of TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles in light gray were installed as storage areas for pallets in the production area. In order to have a clear demarcation to the storage areas, the reference ramps in the color yellow were installed at the edges, so that a smooth transition (trip-free and traversable) from the production floor to the storage areas was ensured.

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437 m² / Technical relief organization THW, 59929 Brilon

With its volunteer base of around 80,000 helpers, the THW is probably unique as an agency within the remit of the Federal Ministry of the Interior.

In this case, TM Invisible 6.7 mm PVC tiles were installed in a THW building by our in-house installer. A special addition in these premises is the THW lettering arranged from black tiles, which gives the whole again a more personal note. Also the laying and cutting through several doors and sharp angles was no problem for our team and the customer is very satisfied with the tiles until today.

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360 m² / Nearly waterproof and hygienic production and storage floor Pichler Biofleisch Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG, 82538 Geretsried

The organic butchery Pichler stands since 1989 for high quality organic meat products and animal welfare. The EU organic certification as well as the organic association recognition speak a clear language. All animals come from regional and well-known farms, which have found a strong partner in the organic butchery Pichler.

Of course, a certified, hygienic production facility is a basic prerequisite for achieving the high quality standard. For this reason, we were asked whether we would be able to lay a hygienic and nearly watertight floor within three weeks. No sooner said than done, 360 m² of TM Mechanic in light gray were laid and glued down on schedule as requested. The customer was satisfied and so were we with the result.

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279 m² / Floor tiles for retail space nah & gut, 98617 Meiningen

nah & gut - the friendly market right next door. Always there where you need it: On a sales area of approx. 280 m², nah & gut keeps all products for daily needs available for customers on site. Here, you will find fruits, vegetables and groceries in the usual good quality, a selection of drugstore articles and friendly employees right in your neighborhood.

We are pleased that the store in Meiningen has chosen our visually appealing and easy to install PVC tiles TM Design 7.8 mm. We were able to install the tiles in the entire store within only two days with our professional installation team according to the client's wishes. The store management appreciates the uncomplicated cooperation and is very satisfied with the very attractive and resilient tiles.

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270 m² / Usable area in production Volkswagen AG, 34225 Baunatal

The Kassel plant at the Baunatal location has belonged to Volkswagen since 1958. It is now the second largest Volkswagen plant in Germany after Wolfsburg. With currently more than 16,500 employees, the Kassel plant in neighboring Baunatal is the largest employer in the region of northern Hesse. Kassel is also home to the production of e-motors and hybrid transmissions.

In this area, our 7 mm thick TM Mechanic PVC tiles in different colors were installed as shelves for various materials. The tiles were installed here as an island solution with the corresponding reference ramps and corners. The different colors serve to better coordinate the flow of materials and optimize storage spaces in production.

160 m² / R&D showroom and storage area Cryotech Finland Oy/ CTN Center & Factory, 01620 Vantaa (Filanda)

Cryotech is a global high-tech company specializing in the manufacture and sale of cryotherapy equipment and accessories. The company also provides comprehensive equipment installation and support, as well as user training to deliver safe and effective cryotherapy. Founded in 2013, CTN Group is based in Ireland and operates in several countries. CTN's R&D showroom is located at the CTN Center in Vantaa, Finland.

CTN approached us because they needed a high quality and robust floor for their R&D as well as warehouse area. In this project 160 m² of our TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles in graphite color were installed. In order to have a clear demarcation to the warehouse area, the reference ramps in the company color blue were installed at the edges, so that a smooth transition (trip-free and traversable) from the rest of the area was ensured.

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88 m² / Automotive expert and engineering offices Sachverständigen- und Ingenieurbüros Liermann GmbH & Co. KG, D-44807 Bochum

The expert office Liermann from Bochum celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2023. What better way to celebrate such an occasion than with our tiles? This led to the inquiry and a visit from our sales representative at short notice. The on-site consultation was so convincing that the order was not long in coming.

Within a few hours, our flooring team was able to cover the already cleared area with our TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tile without any problems. The printed company logo in the front area is a particular eye-catcher. Thanks to the additional PU coating, the high-quality print is also optimally equipped to withstand long-term exposure to cars. We are very pleased that the end result has convinced everyone involved and would like to thank the Liermann expert office for the uncomplicated and smooth process.

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69 m² / Car preparation hall Autopflege wie Neu, 72221 Haiterbach

From classic cars to current high-end vehicles, our customer Car Care Like New has been taking care of the preparation of the highest quality cars for years. To further enhance the look and quality, he decided to line his workshop with our TM Mechanic 7 mm PVC tiles. Good quality is also very important to us, so this has been a win-win situation for both partners from the very beginning. The good contact is still maintained today and we are happy to have a loyal customer on our side.

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65 m² / Hotel garage Hotel Bigger Hof, 59939 Olsberg

The hotel Bigger Hof, located in the beautiful Sauerland is known among other things for its popularity in biker circles. Therefore, the garage for the motorcycles plays an important role for those responsible. For this reason, they approached us some time ago with the request whether we had a robust floor in the offer, which at the same time makes an optically just as high-quality impression as the associated motorcycles. We are pleased to have found a solution with our TM Invisible 6.7 mm PVC tiles that rounds off the great overall impression of the hotel garage.

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More references

Presentation room

100 m² / TM Luxury 5 mm

ARRI Rental, 2412 Luxembourg

Ski store

162 m² / TM Elastik 18 mm

Bacher Sportcenter, 6534 Serfaus, Austria


17 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

51570 Windeck


8 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

D-51381 Leverkusen


110 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

Börner Racing, D-36381 Schlüchtern-Kressenbach

Garage + Workshop

65 m² / TM Mechanic Eco 7 mm

26532 Großheide

Warehouse and Administration

225 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

Deutsche Post AG, D-85402 Kranzberg


156 m² / TM Strong 9 mm

Dr. Hahn GmbH & Co. KG, D-41189 Mönchengladbach


145 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

Glas Gasperlmair, 5602 Wagrain, Lager


34 m² / TM XL 4 mm

86573 Obergriesbach


23 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

51143 Köln

Fitness center

230 m² / TM Elastik 18 mm

Fitness- und Freizeitwelt PROGRESS, 34369 Hofgeismar


10 m² / TM Ultragrip 14 mm

Franz Brinkmann GmbH, 59469 Ense-Höingen


50 m² / TM Mechanic Max 7 mm

14612 Falkensee


180 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm


Exhibition stand

36 m² / TM Event 27 mm

Jan Witt GmbH, D-24808 Jevenstedt


42,4 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

D-49324 Melle


10 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

KHS GmbH, 44143 Dortmund


36 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

15848 Friedland

Car workshop

213 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

KFZ- Service All in One, 58091 Hagen

Garage + Workshop

80 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

28816 Stuhr

Fitness room

23 m² / TM Elastik 30 mm

Landesbetrieb Bau und Immobilien Hessen (LBIH), D-34134 Kassel

Car workshop

60 m² / TM Invisible 6,7 mm

Loock GmbH, 44577 Castrop-Rauxel

Fitness center

250 m² / TM Elastik 18 mm

my-fit24 Fitness Loft, 84056 Rottenburg


260 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

Odermatt Handels AG, 9203 Niederwil, Switzerland

Movie set

30 m² / TM Universal 14 mm

Pandora Film Produktion GmbH, 50672 Köln

Office and showroom space

92 m² / TM Mechanic Eco Print und TM Mechanic 7 mm

Pfötchenhimmel, 45276 Essen

Private fitness room

11 m² / TM Hidden Zip 30 mm

Sala fitness privata, 46539 Dinslaken


64,32 m² / TM Race 18 mm

D-63879 Weibersbrunn

Passage area (Warehouse/ Production)

132 m² / TM Mechanic Eco Print 7 mm

Reinhardt-Technik GmbH, D-58566 Kierspe


31 m² / TM XL 4 mm

58515 Lüdenscheid

Car workshop

150 m² / TM Ultra 10 mm

R. Schmidt Kfz-Reparatur u. Handel e.K., D-22869 Schenefeld


30 m²/ TM Mechanic Print 7 mm

D-58638 Iserlohn


20 m² / TM Universal 14 mm

SEEPEX GmbH, 46240 Bottrop


75 m² / TM Mechanic ESD 7 mm

seneos GmbH, D-50933 Köln


37 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

58513 Lüdenscheid


225 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm + Custom

Smurfit Kappa Wrexen Paper & Board GmbH, D-34474 Diemelstadt-Wrexen

Car workshop

600 m² / TM Strong 9 mm

Volkswagen Zentrum Osnabrück GmbH & Co.KG, D-49078 Osnabrück

Festival room

150 m² / Rollenkork + TM Invisible 6,7 mm

St. Hubertus Schützenbruderschaft Rövenich

Fitness room

42 m² / TM Hidden Zip 30 mm

Turnerschaft Bergisch Gladbach 1879 e.V.


32 m² / TM Mechanic 7 mm

71732 Tamm

Car workshop

55 m² / TM Strong 9 mm

Wintec Autoglas Kauk, D-09603 Großschirma

Fitness center

450 m² / TM Elastik 18 mm

XTRASPORT Fitness, 32758 Detmold


13,4 m² / TM Invisible Custom 6,7 mm

D-25336 Klein Nordende

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