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Industry and production

terramondi offers resistant and flexible system solutions for customers from industry and production. The particularly versatile PVC floor coverings are far more versatile, resilient and, above all, less expensive than conventional solutions made of epoxy resin or polyurethane. The easy-to-install industrial flooring can handle daily loads such as forklifts, trucks and heavy pallet loads.

The resilient and durable industrial floor tiles are designed to provide a quick and easy solution to everyday challenges. These include moisture, dust or dirt. Consisting of interlocking tiles, the PVC flooring features easy installation, cleaning and maintenance. At the same time, the modular system eliminates high and expensive costs for maintenance of the existing floor, because the tiles can be easily replaced. Furthermore, the tiles can also be used in warehouses, factories or as a workshop floor.

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terramondi offers wear-resistant and visually very attractive workshop flooring suitable for industrial use in the workshop. The individual flooring solutions fit into any professional workshop.

The workshop flooring can be ordered in many colors and is ideal for car workshops, tire, exhaust and TÜV centers. The PVC flooring is suitable for use by vehicles, forklifts and pallet trucks. They are easy to install and in most cases no additional accessories such as vapor barrier foil, screed or glue are needed.

The flexible flooring system also allows workshops to lay out your floor in the company colors, achieving yet another level of customization and personalization. The PVC floor coverings absorb slight unevenness of the subfloor and thus eliminate costly and expensive repair costs of the existing floor.

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Even normal garage floors are subject to specific requirements for durability, maintenance and function. No matter whether you park your car and motorcycle there or whether it is a storage room for tools, garden equipment, tires and other commodities.

During renovation as well as new construction, emphasis is placed not only on resistance to weight loads, but also on other aspects, such as dripping service fluids. Oil, gasoline and other oily substances can negatively affect the appearance and usage properties of the floor. Our PVC tiles are used in this area specifically because of the strong homogeneous layer of 100% PVC, which is resistant to loads, chemical substances, abrasion and surface water.

The garage floor offers every company for large garages but also every private person for the home garage the certainty of having a reliable and robust floor covering.

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ESD/ Antistatic areas

In many technologically driven companies with highly sensitive, technically demanding products, dissipative ESD floors play an important role. It is important that electrostatic discharges are not passed on to the components and thus do not damage them. Many companies already use high-priced ESD floors from various manufacturers that have to be bonded.

Our floating ESD tiles, which can be laid without gluing, represent a new and simpler as well as more cost-effective variant, which can be laid quite simply in the click system without major interruptions to production or downtimes in the plants. The ESD or antistatic floors made of PVC are very robust, flame-retardant and slip-resistant and can be installed easily and quickly.

Together with the ESD kit, consisting of grounding tape and set, they form the perfect system for a safe and dissipative floor. Electrical charges are thus discharged into the ground and no components are damaged. Our resistant and easy-to-clean ESD panels are used in particular in large production plants or manufacturing facilities for high-tech products, as well as in laboratories, test and R&D centers, data centers or in application and server rooms, etc.

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Trade and commerce

A good image plays a major role in trade and commerce. With terramondi commercial flooring, you can stand out from the competition in the trade and offer customers a special quality experience in a practical way. In the commercial and retail sectors, a visually appealing appearance has a major impact on how customers perceive the company and the products it offers. A well-maintained floor - visually coordinated with the company's color or logo, for example - can be an important aspect of this in maximizing sales of the company's products.

The design and durability of terramondi flooring on your commercial space or showroom can achieve and maintain the desired aesthetic impact, despite constant heavy use of the flooring. Spills and stains, scratches and scuffs are daily problems that busy commercial floor coverings face, so you need a solution that can resist them on a daily basis. With terramondi's design flooring, you can stand out from your retail market competitors and leave a lasting, positive impression on your potential customers.

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Choosing the right flooring for the office is an important decision, because it can have a decisive impact on the atmosphere of your workplace and make the appearance of your company even more attractive to visitors. The floor not only contributes to an aesthetic office, but also meets the requirements of comfort and functionality.

terramondi flooring for the office is a popular choice for the business sector, as it is resistant to damage, visually appealing and very elastic. The PVC tiles are available in various colors and designs, making the office even more stylish. The property of noise insulation of the tiles offers the advantage of a quiet workplace, so that each employee can concentrate even better. At the same time, the visual elements of the floor make the workplace even more comfortable. Another decisive factor is the ease of cleaning and maintenance of PVC tiles.

Areas of application include offices, meeting and waiting rooms, corridors and staircases. Installation is extremely simple and fast, and there is no better team-building measure than renovating the rooms yourself.

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Fitness and sports

For sports and fitness studios, the safety and comfort of customers is paramount. Here, great emphasis is placed not only on resistance to stress, but also on cleaning and maintenance, because falling heavy dumbbells, spilled sports drinks and sweat are an essential part of everyday life in the weight room. Remember that a clean and fresh climate in the locker rooms will enhance the excellent impression that your gym leaves.

The terramondi PVC and rubber flooring successfully reduce the risk of accidents and protect joints and muscles from excessive stress during exercise. Our fitness and sports flooring provides companies with the right conditions for high resilience and individual use. The high robustness of the floors with impact absorption is quickly reflected in the daily loads, because the fitness floors not only have to endure the loads of the sports equipment, but also the daily walking distances of the visitors. Due to the materials used in the manufacture of our versatile fitness floors, we have paid attention to resistance to water, sweat and moisture, so that easy cleaning of the surfaces is possible.

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Home and living

The terramondi floor tiles for applications in the home are immediately ready for use - walkable and loadable - quickly and easily installed, as well as resistant, durable, long-lasting, insulating, easy to clean, and much more. The PVC tiles can be laid loose (floating) quickly and easily without gluing - gluing is optional. The substrate for laying must be hard and level. Mostly without complex preparation of the subfloor or special tools. Simple vacuuming or sweeping is usually sufficient. Loosely laid terramondi tiles for the house can also be quickly picked up and laid again elsewhere.

Softer and warmer underfoot than many traditional ceramic tiles, terramondi tiles are available in a wide range of colors and finishes so you can match them to your individual design. Whether it's a stylish vinyl tile with a stone or slate look, or a plank with a parquet or laminate look, there's something for everyone. Be inspired by the many designs and variations and create a feel-good oasis for your home with our floor coverings.

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Exhibition stands

Trade fairs and exhibitions are a unique opportunity to meet business partners and existing or potential customers. The goal of any company is to present itself in the best possible light, and therefore these few days of exhibitions require a lot of preparation. To save yourself from worries, the easiest way is to reach for the most convenient and effective solution.

The terramondi floor tiles for exhibition stands are designed to allow easy and quick installation without necessary preparation of the surface or application of adhesives. The tiles protect the original floor from damage. After the end of the exhibition, the tiles can be easily removed and no repair of the original floor is required.

The floor insulates the room from cold, moisture and noise, creating an ideal and pleasant environment for business meetings.

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Make your showroom a real highlight for visitors with the matching tiles. With the option to equip the existing floor with the PVC tiles over the entire surface or as an island solution with reference ramps and corner pieces, you can make your showroom a real eye-catcher for your customers according to your company color, logo or other wishes matching your products.

As an easy-to-install and easy-to-clean flooring system solution, you can visually showcase your products even more, making the visit a great experience for your customers that they won't soon forget.

Try it out and test our terramondi flooring in a variety of designs for your showroom now.

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Sanitary and health

Hospitals and other medical facilities that come into contact with patients have one common denominator - high requirements for quality flooring. In any medical practice must comply with strict medical and sanitary regulations. Floors in these premises must be constantly clean and frequently disinfected. Ideally, they should also be able to withstand high loads caused by constant pedestrian traffic.

terramondi tiles are characterized by high resistance to wear and scratches, they also offer the possibility of repairing damaged areas, they have high resistance to contamination and prevent the formation of various bacteria. The material of the tiles guarantees appropriate hygiene and easy maintenance. We recommend this type of flooring especially for sickrooms, doctors' offices, waiting rooms, corridors or receptions.

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Heavy duty areas

Certain heavy-duty areas require floor tiles that can withstand extreme loads. Our terramondi heavy-duty tiles are ideal for areas with extreme weights and loads. They are quick and easy to install and can be removed later without leaving any residue when they are no longer needed. PVC floors are widely used especially in industrial, commercial and agricultural areas. Be it in warehouses, workshops or production halls, indoor exhibition areas, horse and livestock stabling or as protection of the lawn or tartan surfaces in stadiums at concert events.

The versatile plastic panels are also frequently used as driving panels for construction sites or construction roads. Furthermore, the plates can also be optimally used for horse stalls, paddocks and runs. The advantage is that the plates can be laid on the existing floor even in case of rough unevenness, without having to level it beforehand. Due to the thickness of the slabs, they can be driven on by vehicles with high loads, excavators, heavy transports, etc.

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Horses and agriculture

The special paddock and riding slab systems for horse and riding areas are designed for high loads. The slabs serve as a base layer for sand and other special layers and can be used, among other things, for riding arenas, indoor riding arenas, horse runs, transitional tracks for horses, sidewalks for paths or sidewalks or on farms, and as storage areas, etc.

The panels provide year-round stability for animals and vehicles on uneven or muddy surfaces. The interlocking design allows for easy and quick installation. No substructures are necessary. The perforated surface allows for excellent water drainage. The panels are durable, resistant and weatherproof.

They are suitable for various agricultural purposes and also for securing uneven surfaces or for driving heavy vehicles. An effective alternative to conventional concrete, wood or dirt subfloors.

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Parking, access roads and sidewalks

Equally stable are our slab systems for parking areas. The parking slabs are ideal for paving areas such as lawns or damp soil. Areas of application for our parking slabs include parking lots and parking spaces, walkways and bike paths, and much-used passageways.

Recycled paving is widely used, especially in parking lots and outdoor areas. Whether it is for outdoor areas with uneven surfaces that need to be prepared for vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Other examples of applications include parking lots, truck and bus parking lots, garage entrances, patio pavements, walking and biking trails, access roads for firefighters and heavy haul trucks, etc. With our parking slabs you get a fast, sustainable and ecological soil stabilization at low cost.

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Outdoor and garden

For playgrounds and outdoor areas, it is important to have a surface with cushioning properties or impact protection. The desired safety in fall protection is most safely achieved by fall protection plates (fall protection mats), which are made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate. Fall protection plates (fall protection mats) are available in different variants, which differ primarily in hardness, thickness and damping. At terramondi, you will find exactly the right fall protection flooring for every surface in terms of safety, usage profile and cost-effectiveness.

Terraces, balconies and gardens are exposed to the elements all year round. Scorching summer sun, severe frost in winter, periods of freezing and thawing water, temperatures from -30° to + 45°C, terraces, balconies and gardens have to withstand all this for years. The flooring should also be attractive to look at, comfortable to use, mechanically resilient, easy to install, easy to maintain and inexpensive. Hardly any material can meet these requirements; the elastic floor tiles from terramondi can!

Absolutely weatherproof and frost resistant, yet comfortable, safe and warm. The elastic floor tiles made of polyurethane-bonded rubber granulate are perfectly suitable as a long-lasting and low-maintenance floor covering for any terrace, balcony or garden on any load-bearing subsoil.

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