Parking plates

Discover our slab systems for parking areas.
The parking slabs are ideal for paving parking areas on uneven ground. You get fast, sustainable and ecological soil stabilization at low cost. For all questions regarding slab systems for parking and outdoor areas, we will be happy to assist you and provide you with comprehensive advice.

The main features of our parking plates:

Discover parking slabs

Do you want to establish a parking lot on uneven or muddy ground? Then the flexible parking slabs made of recycled plastic sheets are the ideal solution for you.

Their robustness makes them resistant and suitable for high loads.

The parking slabs ensure that vehicles and heavy equipment can move safely on uneven ground and, in addition, they also provide protection for sensitive soils, such as turf or wet soil.

PVC tiles


TM Easygrid
from € 27,00/ m²€ 22,69 (net)incl. VAT
TM Universal
from € 35,00/ m²€ 29,41 (net)incl. VAT
TM Event
from € 43,00/ m²€ 36,13 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Race
from € 46,00/ m²€ 38,66 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available
TM Race Flat
from € 50,00/ m²€ 42,02 (net)incl. VAT
Several versions available

Application examples

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