Water and chemicals on the terramondi floor

from Info CastimondiUpdated on 04.10.2023

Resistance to chemicals and other liquids

The terramondi tiles are not waterproof. If a small or large amount of liquid is spilled on the floor, we recommend wiping it up as quickly as possible to prevent the liquid from penetrating the lower layers.

In case this does happen, our tiles have a unique air-flow system on the underside designed to wick away small amounts of moisture.

However, if a large amount of liquid gets under the tiles, we recommend dismantling the area in question, drying the affected area and re-installing the floor. This will not affect the function or quality of the floor.

With TM Invisible and TM Business you can glue the tile joints with a special PVC cold weld adhesive during installation. This makes the tiles much more resistant to liquids.

Maximum watertightness is achieved by fully bonding all tiles from below.

The terramondi floors are also resistant to chemicals. Short-term exposure to oils will not harm the floor, as is the case with concrete floors, for example. However, it is recommended that oils and other greasy substances be wiped off as quickly as possible so that chemical reactions do not cause colour differences between PVC and oils.

For more information, please refer to the technical data sheet.

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Info Castimondi

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