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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

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The floor in a mobile home is one of the most important elements of insulation and should be considered in all circumstances. Therefore, most owners of mobile homes and mobile homes pay the most attention to it when renovating. But which floor option is the best? Does it make sense to use polystyrene insulation, should you go for a linoleum and what about a carpet anyway?

One thing is the protection of the underside from the outside. As a rule, this is already equipped by the manufacturer with a protective layer against moisture, salt and rolling grit, but the layer must be renewed from time to time. The other thing is the maintenance of the floor from the inside. The overview of solutions shows the possibilities in the case when it is not necessary to remove the entire floor, for example, because of rot. It is only necessary to refine the surface so that it lasts longer.

A bare wooden floor is impractical

One of the options is to have a classic wooden floor in the camper. However, it must be carefully maintained, because the penetrating moisture could cause damage. It is necessary to use an air-permeable paint, so that the wood can breathe. The problem is that a wooden floor is hard and is uncomfortable to walk on for a long time, if you have children playing on the floor, a wooden floor is completely unsuitable. The advantages include easy cleaning, for example, pet hair can be easily swept up. It is a good choice in case you are building a retro mobile home, in the other cases you will probably opt for a more modern solution.

If the repair of an old camper is due, opt for materials such as PVC, linoleum or modular flooring.

A carpet is pleasantly soft

If the floor has no defects that should be renovated, and you just have cold feet, lay out rugs in front of the bed or in other places. The other option is to cover the entire floor. In any case, it is better to pay a little more and buy a stronger carpet with higher basis weight, it can also be a load carpet. Be prepared for the fact that a carpet should not be used with shoes. A carpet is also not useful if you have pets, it picks up pet hair, which is often hard to remove even with a vacuum cleaner. It is also difficult to remove tree needles that you bring from the outside. The advantages include warm feet and pleasantly soft surface.

A linoleum is easy to maintain

Linoleum is also often used as a floor covering in mobile homes. Its great advantage is the ease of maintenance, briefly sweep, wipe and the floor is clean. The problem is the cold feet. For trips in the summer months it does not matter, but if the camper is also used in winter, a carpet is bought anyway. For a linoleum are best shoes or slippers, otherwise the floor is too cold, and if you are barefoot in the summer, all the dirt sticks to your feet.

So that the linoleum is not so cold, you can insulate the floor. However, you can forget about usual polystyrene, it absorbs too much moisture. Either a water-repellent polystyrene is required, you can also take the classic foam carpet pad Mirelon. In specialized stores with motorhome accessories will be happy to advise you.

PVC tiles Terramondi insulate for you

For mobile homes and mobile homes can also be used PVC flooring. They are suitable for repairs of older mobile homes, especially for DIY enthusiasts who want to do everything themselves. PVC tiles Terramondi are installed quickly, you just need a rubber mallet. The pieces can be easily cut to fit all corners. Maintenance is similar to the simplicity of linoleum, but the flooring differs in its good insulating properties. Therefore, this flooring is especially suitable for motorhomes that are driven all year round.

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What floor in front of the camper?

And what do I take for the tent in front of the camper?

Here there are similar options. You can not use a linoleum, carpets and modular flooring are possible. With the carpets cleaning is more laborious. From time to time it must be cleaned with a water jet and detergent. In this case, we cannot recommend the Fortelock tiles for outdoor use, just like any PVC, they do not like the sun and high temperatures. Modular floors like Fortelock are washed only with water and a detergent and can be stored well. A good choice are also fold-out grates and polyethylene tiles

There is a solution for everything and all the above options are possible. A linoleum can be insulated, in front of a carpet comes a mat, so that dirt is not carried in. Each of us just likes something different.
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Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

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