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Renovating garage floors: What you need to know

A garage floor is much more than a surface for parking vehicles. As the foundation of the garage, an intact garage floor plays a crucial role in terms of safety and functionality.

However, as with all things that are subjected to daily wear and tear, a garage floor can also wear out over time. Oil stains, scratches and discolouration are minor problems that can occur. However, if the garage floor shows larger cracks or even begins to crumble, this signals an urgent need for action. Such defects are not only cosmetic: they can also lead to serious moisture problems, especially if the concrete has lost its protective top layer.

Garage floor repair: The importance of an intact garage floor

The garage floor is exposed to constant stress. From the weight of the car to spilled liquids to temperature fluctuations, there are numerous factors that affect the garage floor on a daily basis. A damaged or worn floor can not only affect the appearance of your garage, but also lead to potential safety hazards.

For example, cracks can widen, allowing water to seep in and further damage the structure of the floor. Uneven or chipped areas can become trip hazards and increase the risk of accidents.

We support you with garage floor renovation

You can not only buy high-quality PVC garage flooring from us: We are also happy to support you with the installation. Contact our team of experts and let us advise you without obligation. From the initial consultation to the completion of the garage floor renovation, we will be at your side with our expertise.

Garage floor renovation: This is how we proceed

  1. Analysis of the actual condition: Before starting the renovation, we carry out a thorough inspection of your garage floor. This allows us to determine the scope of the necessary work and create a customised garage floor renovation plan for you.
  2. Preparing the floor: A successful renovation process begins with thorough preparation. First, we clean the floor, remove old coatings and repair cracks and holes.
  3. Choosing the right material: At terramondi, we have a wide range of PVC tiles on offer. Depending on the specific requirements of your garage, we select the right material.
  4. Laying the PVC tiles: With precision and care, our experts lay the PVC tiles to ensure an optimal result.
  5. Aftercare and maintenance: After the renovation, we will be happy to advise you on the correct care and maintenance of your new garage floor so that you can enjoy it for a long time.

Why regular inspection of your garage floor is important

Many garage owners tend not to check the condition of their garage floor sufficiently until obvious damage occurs. Regular inspections help to identify potential problems early on and avoid costly repairs in the future.

Good to know: A well-maintained floor can not only extend the life of your garage, but also increase the value of your property. It is therefore advisable to carry out a thorough inspection of the garage floor at least once a year to ensure optimum condition as well as a long service life.

The advantages of PVC flooring for your garage

While concrete floors have traditionally been popular in garages, modern materials such as PVC offer numerous advantages. Our PVC floors are resistant to chemicals and abrasion. Thanks to the air-flow system, there is still enough air circulating even under the tiles so that mould does not form in the garage.

In addition, PVC garage floors are easy to clean and require less maintenance compared to concrete floors. With a variety of designs and textures, our PVC floors are also aesthetically pleasing and can be seamlessly integrated into the overall design of your garage. For those looking for a durable, low-maintenance and modern flooring solution, PVC is an excellent choice.

Modern solutions for traditional problems

A garage floor is the foundation of your garage. With our PVC garage flooring, you can be sure that your garage floor will meet the highest quality and safety standards.

With years of experience in flooring, we have made a name for ourselves. Our expertise ranges from the development and production of PVC flooring to its installation. Our PVC tiles are not only robust and durable, but also aesthetically pleasing, so your garage will not only be functional, but also visually appealing.

Do you have a cracked concrete floor and want to renovate your garage floor? Then contact our team of experts today for a no-obligation consultation on garage floor renovation options.

Here you can see our garage floors for yourself.


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