Garage floor for Oldtimer

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Garage floor for Oldtimer

Caring for a classic car is not the same as caring for a new car. Due to the age and condition of the various components, classic cars require a lot of care to maintain their appeal and prevent corrosion of the original parts. But as every classic car owner knows, maintaining them is part of the joy of owning them. If you are new to caring for a classic car, one of the biggest challenges is managing the maintenance you need to protect your car. But the most important question is which floor you should choose for your treasure.

Selection of the garage floor and the most common floor types

If you are thinking about converting the floor in the garage and considering which floor to choose, we will advise you and help you make a good decision. We produce floors adapted to the needs of the demanding conditions in the garage.

1) Epoxy resin

Epoxy resin is one of the most commonly used floors among garage or industrial floors, as it is applied directly to new or reclaimed concrete. Prolonged contact with acids and oils can change the colour of the resin and cause very obvious and irreparable stains. This type of floor also suffers from moisture and is not impact resistant.

2) Concrete floor

Concrete floors are a classic among floors. However, concrete is famous for its difficult cleaning, dust and stains. Oil and acid stains are a big problem because they cannot be removed.

3) Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are also popular, but in terms of repairs they are definitely the worst solution. The ceramic is hard and absorbs any impact or fall of heavy objects with resulting cracks. Any structural failure of the floor will cause the ceramic to break. In addition, the installation and repair costs are very high.

4) PVC tiles terramondi

Terramondi always offers the best solution, not only economically, but also technically and in terms of time. Our floors are durable, easy to maintain and certified to the highest applicable environmental standards.

The tiles are highly resistant to impacts and dropping of heavy objects, as well as to acids and oils. They have an AirFlow system that allows air to circulate under the floor and prevents mould or moisture condensation. Other advantages include the ability to replace a single damaged tile without having to replace the entire floor.

For uneven floor surfaces in the garage or higher loads

TM Mechanic

TM Mechanic is also available in the ECO-Version made from recycled granules with similar properties.

For uneven floor surfaces in the garage or lower load


– The XL-series is designed for areas with medium loads and flat surfaces
– Unique snakeskin pattern with reflections and easier cleaning
– Large format tiles

For the appearance of the floor with concealed interlocking

TM Invisible

– Hidden gearing
– Unique snakeskin pattern with reflections and easier cleaning
– The Invisible-series is suitable for commercial, residential, industrial and storage spaces

Cleaning and care of terramondi PVC flooring

To clean the terramondi floor, simply wipe it with water and a commercial cleaning agent. The floor shows above-average resistance to weak acids, diluted acids, alkalis, soaps and solvents. Oil and strong acids do not harm the floor if corresponding splashes are rinsed off immediately.

You have decided on a terramondi floor for your treasure, but you are not sure which colour and design to choose? Order samples.


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