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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

Who does not want the space around to be nice and presentable? However, in rented buildings it is not so simple. You can take furniture or other furnishings with you when you leave, but investing in a new floor or walls when you know you will eventually leave the premises is not ideal. PVC tiles Terramondi change everything.

Mobile floor system can be set up and dismantled again and again

Fast, functional and visually appealing - this is Terramondi, a mobile flooring system that allows you to easily create a brand new floor or overlay the old one. Are you curious why it is so popular in business premises, showrooms, exhibitions or department stores? The answer is simple: install, use, disassemble and move it anywhere you go. If necessary, this portable floor will last almost forever. Whenever you need to move your business, you can simply remove the tiles, pack them up and reinstall them elsewhere. Additionally for this requirement, no special skills are needed.

You can choose not only monochrome tiles that best fit technical rooms, but also decorative tiles with the imitation of wood or stone. With Terramondi you can make any store, showroom or lounge more cozy.

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Ideal floor for your temporary place of business

Improve the premises of a rented place and at the same time return it to its original state can often be quite difficult. Since the tiles are made in a variety of colors, you can experiment and use interesting patterns that best suit you. Or you can simply lay the whole floor in your favorite color. In the event that the design of your business or brand changes, the floor can be easily changed. When the rental period is over, just take apart floor and pack it with you.

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Interlocking tiles that protect the original surface

Do you have a new concrete floor and want to keep it well for as long as possible? Then you should protect it and it's pretty simple. With Terramondi there is no need to hire a Can you imagine, you can lay your new floor yourself. Companies can easily use the spare capacity of their own labor, which affects the final bill for the new floor. With the interlocking system, the tiles can easily be used to cover the existing floor, which will not be subject to mechanical damage. If you somehow damage the tiles, you can quickly and easily replace them with another. You do not have to disassemble the entire floor or stop your work.

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And the look - great after years!

Terramondi will lose you with its vivid colors that will not fade, as well as quality of the material. The interlock locks of the strips fit perfectly into each other. Frequent assembly and disassembly does not have a great negative impact on the strength of the locks and the quality of the tiles! Terramondi is suitable for rooms where the floor is often used.

Examples of use are: Car dealerships or parking garages, where tiles must withstand not only high loads, but also wheel rolls or leakage of liquids. That's why Terramondi is also loved by Germany's BMW! In production areas, for example, Terramondi has found its place in the DencoHappel air conditioning system. Thanks to the strength of the locks and the ease of maintenance, sports facility owners also choose this alternative. Can you imagine Terramondi also being a part of your business?

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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