Uzin universal fixative 6473

Main area of application:
- Textile coverings with latex, non-woven and PVC foam backing
. - PVC and CV coverings, also with textile non-woven backing
Suitable on / for:
- absorbent, trowelled substrates
- Hot water underfloor heating
- Chair roller stress according to DIN EN 12 529
- Wet shampooing and spray traction cleaning according to RAL 991 A2
- normal stress in the living area

Product benefits / properties:
UZIN Universal Fixation is convincing due to its redetachability and enables the removal of covering and adhesive residues during subsequent covering renewal. (12kg container).

  •  Application with roller or notched trowel
  •  Suitable as wet or adhesive fixation
  •  ideal alternative to loose laying
  • Price:

    € 182,00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 1 week


Preparation of the substrate:

The substrate must be level, solid, load-bearing, dry, free of cracks, clean and free of substances that impair adhesion (e.g. dirt, oil, grease). The surface should be as smooth as possible and have only a slight low absorbency. Completely remove wax and care product residues from old, firmly adhering floor coverings etc. with RZ Basic Cleaner and rinse intensively with clear water.

Fill non-absorbent or moisture-sensitive substrates (e.g. mastic asphalt, calcium sulfate, magnesia screeds or old substrates) to a thickness of at least 2 mm. Absorbent and/or uneven substrates must be primed and filled. Suitable primers and fillers can be found in the UZIN product overview. Thoroughly vacuum off loose particles and dust.

The substrate must be tested in accordance with applicable standards and concerns must be raised in the event of defects. Allow the applied primer and filler to dry thoroughly. The product data sheets of the products used must be observed. Cement and calcium sulfate screeds must be sanded and vacuumed as a special service to be paid for, either by the screed installer as a finishing treatment or as a paid special service by the floor layer.


1.Apply fixative evenly to the substrate with the foam roller. Use coarse-pored foam roller on filled substrates and fine-pored foam roller on smooth, non-absorbent substrates. For coarser or textured covering backs, the application can also be carried out with the notched trowel A2, A3 or A4.

  1. on absorbent substrates, after a short flash-off time, place the covering in the wetting fixing layer and rub down over the entire surface. Removal of the fixative on absorbent or coarse substrates is generally difficult. An improvement in this respect can be achieved if a thin coat of UZIN PE 360 is applied before applying the fixing layer. 3.

On non-absorbent, dense substrates, e.g. old coverings, allow to flash off for a few minutes until the fixing layer has a wet tacky feel or until fully transparent. and rub in. 4.

After a short time, repeatedly rub or roll the coating vigorously, especially in the head and seam areas. 5.

  1. remove impurities by fixing in fresh condition with water.

  2. the higher the consumption, the greater the effort required to remove the fixing layer. Therefore, the rule is: as much as necessary, as little as possible.