Underlay TM Traffic Clic System

Product Information:
- for the use of our TM Traffic Clic System

- 1 roll (piece) = 70 m²

  •  is laid loosely
  •  lanes must be connected with adhesive tape
  •  Traffic Clic system can be installed floatingly on the underlay
  • Price:

    € 1.500,00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 1 week


Laying Underlay TM Traffic Clic System:

  1. Plan in advance the direction of the panels in which the TM Traffic Clic panels will be installed. Usually the installation is done along the room side, as the underlay is installed across the direction of the floor.
  2. Spread out the rolls. Place weights on the side ends of the rolls to make the job easier. They can also be secured with double-sided tape to prevent them from lifting off the floor.
  3. Connect the rollers along the axis with a tape.
  4. Underlay can be cut with a cutter knife or scissors.
  5. After laying and preparation, the top can be prepared.