Initial Pack:
The ideal cleaner for our fitness tiles made of brand new rubber.

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      € 107,00 / Pieceincl. VAT plus shipping costsDelivery time: approx. 1 week




    We recommend initial or deep cleaning with Jontec Forward and daily cleaning with Jontec Tensol before using the tiles. These are available in our Initial Packs.


    Initial Pack 5l: 1 x 5l- Gebinde Jontec Forward + 1 x 5l- Gebinde Jontec Tensol

    Initial Pack 10l: 1 x 10l- container Jontec Forward + 1 x 10l- container Jontec Tensol


    The Initial Pack 5l is sufficient for quantities up to 100 m². For quantities over 100 m² we recommend the Initial Pack 10l.