Ardex A 46 Floor filler

Product description:
- Filling holes, depressions, unevenness, slots, breakouts in floor and wall surfaces.
- To level out irregularities as a leveling compound before laying PVC- tiles.
- Repair and leveling of stair treads and landings.
- Production of slope compensation layers and filling of transitions on floor surfaces.
- Leveling of floor and wall surfaces in layer thicknesses from 2 to 30 mm.
- For interior and exterior use / felt and smoothed.
- In 25kg bag

  •  Light processing
  •  Quick to walk on
  •  Crack-free
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Interior and exterior. Wall and floor.
Filling holes, depressions, irregularities, slits, breakouts in floor and wall surfaces.
Repairing and leveling stair treads and landings.
Making slope leveling layers and filling transitions on floor surfaces.
Leveling of floor and wall surfaces in layer thicknesses from 2 to 30 mm.
- on concrete, cement screed, masonry (except aerated concrete), plaster of mortar groups P II and P III as well as other suitable substrates
- to accept tile and slab coverings, paints and coatings
- as a wearing course in areas subject to normal loads
- under flat trowel coats of ARDEX K301 Exterior Trowel Compound.


Gray powder with special cements, readily dispersible plastics, selected fillers and special additives.

Preparation of the substrate:

The substrate may be dry or damp, but must be sound, load-bearing, frost-resistant and free from dust and separating agents.

Insufficiently solid upper zones must be removed mechanically, e.g. by milling, shot-blasting, grinding or similar. Roughen smooth concrete surfaces (sintered skin) if necessary.

On absorbent substrates, the mortar must first be applied to the substrate in a thin layer and sharply smoothed off with the smoothing trowel. Then apply the mortar in the required layer thickness.

On dense and smooth substrates, use ARDEX EP2000 Multifunctional Epoxy Resin with Sanding as a bonding agent.


Add clear water to a clean mixing vessel and mix in enough powder, stirring vigorously, to form a lump-free, stable mortar.

To mix 25 kg of ARDEX A46 powder, approx. 6-7 l of water are required. approx. 6-7 l of water is required. The mortar can be worked for approx.15 - 20 minutes at +18 °C to 20 °C, whereby lower temperatures extend the working time and higher temperatures shorten it.

For use under coatings and paints where adhesive tensile strength of the substrate of 1.5 N/mm2 is required, ARDEX A46 should be mixed with ARDEX E100 Wittener Baudispersion diluted 1:1 with water.

Finishing, such as felting and stuccoing, removal of burrs, cutting of edges on stair treads or smoothing with ARDEX A46, can be carried out approx. 10 - 20 minutes after application. The finishing time is approx. 10 -15 minutes.

ARDEX A46 should be applied at least 2 mm and max. 30 mm thick.

ARDEX A46 must be applied at temperatures above +5 °C. Protect the levelling layer from drying out too quickly in sunlight and drafts.

In case of doubt, create test areas.