TM Multifunction

€ 27,00 per m²

The classic and multifunctional PP tile in grid design. Perfect for terraces, balconies, gardens, washrooms, garages, etc.

  •  Easy installation
  •  Permeability
  •  Temperature resistance (no deformation even with larger installations)


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    € 27,00€ 22,69 (netto)
    € 27,00 / m²
    € 22,69 (netto)
    incl. VAT
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    100 €
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We offer quantities of more than 50 m² only via offer to more favorable terms.

Quantities less than 50 m² can only be ordered online.

Suitable accessories

 TM Multifunction
for indoor and outdoor use

The TM Multifunction provides a pleasant look with its unique pattern and is versatile.

With the TM Multifunction product line, you choose a floor that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Temperature differences from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius are guaranteed to defy the TM Multifunction click tile without deformation, even in larger installations.

UV-resistant and non-flammable, TM Multifunction tiles are suitable for countless applications. The guaranteed load capacity is 110t/m².

Available as accessories: corner and end strips for a smooth transition to the subfloor.

Application examples

The TM Multifunction is suitable for the following areas:
Porch, balcony, hobby room, laundry room, garage, pantry, basement, shower, playroom, party tent, greenhouse, camping tent, swimming pool, sauna, boat, gym room, business room, workroom, staircase, workshop, office room, advertising room, showroom, event room, boat deck, warehouse, trade show, event, children's playhouse, catering, sales area, etc.

Data & Facts

The TM Multifunction is very robust and easy to install (click technology).

It is also very easy to maintain and clean and can be easily replaced thanks to the modular system.

Material: color fastness according to REACH regulations with additional UV stabilizer for outdoor use. Resistant to most chemicals.


  •  Easy installation
  •  Permeability
  •  Temperature resistance (no deformation even with larger installations)
  •  UV Stable
  •  Suitable for indoor use
  •  Suitable for outdoor use
  •  Easy to maintain
  •  Ergonomic
  •  Sound absorbing
  •  10 years warranty
  • Material
    Recyclable polypropylene (PP)
  • Dimensions
    300 x 300 mm
  • Weight
    2,73 kg/ m²
  • Strength
    12 mm
  • Load
    110 t/ m²
  • Temperature resistance
    -30°C up to +70°C
  • Fire protection class
    EN14041, EN ISO 11925-2Efl
  • Pieces per 1m²
    11 pieces


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