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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

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Do you want to live cheaply and quickly? Then a residential container is the simplest solution. In our country living containers are not so common, but abroad they are often used, namely for companies, kindergartens, public institutes or families. You would probably be surprised how luxurious you can live if the equipment is right.

Can you really live in a container?

They say a book should never be judged by its cover, and the same goes for container houses. When you imagine a simple sanitary container, you probably think of an unsightly white cottage used on construction sites. However, real living containers have practically nothing in common with those. White is by no means required and the shape can also be freely designed - of course, you are limited by the square shape of the container, but if a few containers are placed next to and on top of each other, a normal building with a flat roof is created.

A residential container is a popular form of housing e.g. in Texas and California (in the USA in general), from the European countries can be mentioned e.g. Great Britain - in London there is a neighborhood where there are only container houses. In Germany, nursing homes, students' homes and kindergartens are built in this way, i.e. buildings that usually have to be erected very quickly.

However, even in our country there are companies that deal with the construction of container houses, so if you decide to buy such a house, you are by no means an exception.
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Why are they so popular?

There are two reasons - price and speed. In our country, a living container with two rooms and kitchen is already available for very cheap. It sounds almost unbelievable, but you can move within a week. The containers are manufactured in a hall, so the production is independent of weather conditions. The container is transported to the destination already ready, then it only depends on how long it takes to set up.

For the floor PVC tiles are used

Perhaps the container already has a floor, it depends on where it was purchased. If only a simple transport container is purchased for the duration of a construction for the construction workers, it probably has a wooden floor. Pay attention to this, as the transport containers are projected to survive an overseas journey and protect the transported goods. For this reason, the wooden floors are often treated with various chemicals, thus it makes sense to remove this floor and lay a new one.

If the container is to be used as a house, it is likely to be custom-made at a special production company. In this case, it is usually delivered without a floor. The companies deliver pure container cells and the interior depends only on you. Usually PVC tiles are recommended, and terramondi represents one of the options. Why?

Quick laying

One of the main reasons is speed. A living container is purchased to be able to live quickly, through this you do not want to spend time laying the floor. Even a container without interior can be obtained, but the floor is one of the things that are essential. PVC tiles are laid very quickly, terramondi tiles do not need to be glued or dry. Once the floor is laid, the move can start.

Dimensions adjustment

PVC tiles terramondi can be cut with a simple knife. Thus, the side tiles can be adjusted very easily and accurately.

Perfect thermal insulation

The container walls can not insulate the heat so well after all, so good thermal insulation is very important if the structure is to be inhabited all year round. And since cold feet are perhaps the worst, the container floor plays a very important role. Often people use electric floor foils that warm, but still you should think about an insulating floor. PVC tiles terramondi work as a perfect thermal insulation, so you do not get cold feet in the container.

Drainage of moisture

The PVC tiles protect first of all from mold and corrosion. This is because they have a system of drainage channels on the lower side, which drain the moisture. In the case of steel containers is good mainly because the material used can otherwise corrode in the presence of moisture.

Environmental variant

Perhaps you choose a living container because you want to live ecologically and harm nature as little as possible. Flooring construction terramondi meets this desire. The tiles are made from recyclable raw materials, and after use can be recycled and pressed again.

No one has to realize that there is a living container here

If you manage to tastefully decorate the living container and put a beautiful exterior facade, no one will have to realize at first sight that here is not a brick house. You can even still have a container erected as a garage. terramondi tiles can be used here as well. They are designed for high loads and are often used in garages.

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Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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