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from Tobias KleinUpdated on 09.11.2022

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Do you love sports and strength training and always want to really work out? Don't you want to jog outside (only) and don't like public gyms very much? Is it no longer fun to spend a lot of money on annual passes, constantly spending time on the way to the gym, and would you therefore like to set up a small weight room at your home?

More and more people are considering getting their own weight room. There are many reasons for this: the way to the gym is too long, the prices are too high, people also prefer their own privacy when training. There are ambitious goals, but also small ones. But before setting up your own private gym, everyone has already asked themselves the following questions:

Have you asked yourself these questions too? We have an answer for you.

Where should you train?

When building many new houses think of separate rooms - which eventually can be used as a study or children's room, or a sports room. However, if you are not building a house, you can use for these purposes a room in the cottage, convert a barn or claim a free garage space. Remember that in the room should be a good possibility of ventilation and it should have a high-quality and durable, preferably non-slip floor that can withstand impacts and load.

What is your goal?

Only you know best what you want to achieve with training - reduce weight, shape muscle, gain more strength or all in one. With the right training, a specialist in your fitness center or online will certainly be happy to help you in the beginning.

What equipment do you need?

For yoga, a yoga mat and comfortable clothes are enough, for fitness training a skipping rope, for strength exercises dumbbells, and now and then an instructional video is also beneficial. However, if your training intentions are really serious and long-term, you can also buy multifunctional equipment and tools for strength training. If you are no longer a beginner, you will see for yourself that you need more than just the basic equipment.

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What floor for a weight room?

Heavy equipment, jumps, but also a small dumbbell can permanently damage and break the floor. So you should think not only about the training, but also about the room equipment. In professional fitness centers you can train on a PVC floor Terramondi but you do not have to be a professional to acquire this floor for home as well.

You can do the laying yourself. Thanks to the composite system, which is reminiscent of a puzzle, you do not need craftsmen for laying. The great advantage of PVC flooring is its simple and inexpensive repairs in case of damage. The damaged part is simply removed and replaced with a new one. This eliminates the need for expensive renovation of the entire room.

What else should you pay attention to?

With a private weight room, you get rid of many hygienic and private problems that can occur when visiting a public fitness center. You can achieve the feeling of professionalism of a fitness center at home very easily and from the long-term point of view also cheaply.

Just always remember that the room should look fresh, have good ventilation and be resistant to moisture and load. This is where the Terramondi floor –helps you - the floor is loaded according to your training. The non-slip Terramondi floor is resistant to moisture, impacts and scratches, and also noise-absorbing, so you can turn up the music really loud for a workout without disturbing the whole house.

Do you like Terramondi floor and want to test it at home? We will be happy to send you a free sample.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

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