PVC Tiles - The Ideal Exhibition & Trade Show Floor

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 19.05.2022

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Do you participate in exhibitions and trade shows? No matter what time of year your trade show season starts, it's good to be prepared for it in advance. The few days we all count on can either bring great success, or on the other hand - a big disappointment. If you are not handing over the design and installation of your exhibition to someone else, but you are trying to install it yourself, preparation is crucial and it is good to think of every detail.

Of course, we can't guarantee you a booth that will attract visitors and be 100% functional. However, we can help you with its flooring Terramondi mobile flooring system that will not strain your budget when every penny counts. It resists the influx of visitors, you can lay it yourself and dismantle it at the end of the exhibition to store it for another time. Interested? Take a look!

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Install the floor the way you like it

There are many people looking for a simple standard floor, but the need for a portable floor that can be moved, laid, installed, dismantled and removed is less common. Perhaps that is why not many people are interested in portable flooring. One of these options is PVC tiles from Terramondi.

On the market you can find portable, specially designed flooring for sports venues, exhibitions, dance halls or other applications. However, this is likely to be used by organizations that regularly organize such events. If you want to use the floor not only at exhibitions, but several times, it is better to buy something more versatile. Terramondi floors offer you exactly that. You can use it not only when you present your products or services at trade fairs, exhibitions or showrooms, but also during many other activities.

Ground structure

There are many types of material that you can choose either in the form of a board or tile. It may seem like a small difference, but beware of your comfort. If you need something that you can use quickly and easily, buy the tiles that you can easily reassemble and disassemble. You can buy as much as you need. When the time comes and later you need to cover a different size area, you can easily assemble or remove the number of tiles. With their size, you can conveniently put them in the trunk of your car and more, you do not need the help of another person.

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Why is it worth choosing this floor system?

Quick installation

You need to quickly lay the ground and dismantle, there is no time to waste. Once the exhibition management gives you access to the site, it only takes a few days or hours to set up your stand. Most mobile floors use an interlock system, similar to Terramondi. However, in the case of Terramondi, you don't need anything special to install the floor. You just need a rubber mallet to make the tiles fit together, and if necessary, a simple cutter to cut the tiles around the walls or corners. You can lay the tiles directly on the wooden or concrete floor of the fairground. In addition, in this way you protect the original floor that visitors may damage, so you do not incur additional costs.

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If you ever attend or regularly participate in a trade show, you've no doubt noticed that some companies or retailers have their booth built on their own foundations.

Having your own floor has advantages in design as well. You can attract the attention of visitors, stand out from the competition or even combine the floor with your brand colors. Tiles can be combined.

Move the floor around

Terramondi flooring is easy to move and easy to disassemble. After moving, you can put pieces on top of each other and since their size is 51 cm x 51 cm (depending on the type), you can store them almost anywhere.

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High resistance

Tiles that you often disassemble, transport and reuse at exhibitions, social or other events, should face some opposition. Consider a lot, not only in terms of weight. In addition to tables, chairs, full shelves or other heavy things, there may be ladies walking on the floor on high, thin heels. And if you or one of the visitors manage to damage your mobile floor, the solution is simple - do not replace the entire floor, but replace only a damaged part!

Durable connections

The joints between the pieces should also be durable. The floor is often laid and dismantled, which also offer Terramondi. Specially designed locks - interlock system do not change their shape and form a strong connection even after frequent repeated use. Since you always connect them with the already mentioned rubber hammer, you do not have to worry about damaging them. You can use the floor for years, easily adjust the size of the stand, and if any part is destroyed, you will simply replace it with a new tile.


After all, you take care of the safety. It does not matter where the floor is located. Whether you want to use it at an exhibition, birthday party or anywhere else, unless no one will slide on it, you can be less worried. Terramondi with anti-slip system, which is also suitable for areas with higher requirements, will at least partially prevent possible accidents.

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Mobile floor - further use

The number of situations when it would be good to have a piece of floor with you is quite large, and in some moments a solid foundation under your feet would bring you more comfort. The advantage of mobile flooring is that you can use it not only for your business, but also for your personal needs. Besides the usual uses such as garage or workshop floor, Terramondi can also be used as a floor for various social events.

When organizing various celebrations in large tents mobile floor can be a great temporary accessory. The tent will not only protect your guests from rain and direct sun, but also the tiles, which are made of PVC. This makes the stay more comfortable for everyone, for example, standing and tables. Terramondi can also be a great support in organizing events in rented premises, buildings or gyms. Thanks to the portable floor systems, you can change almost any space and customize the atmosphere of your events.

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Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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