Water pipe burst: These floors withstand

from Tobias KleinUpdated on 08.12.2022

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Has it ever happened to you that your premises were flooded by high water or a burst water pipe? This can be very unpleasant, but when furnishing a house must also think about it. If you choose the right flooring, which will not be harmed by water, you will save yourself a lot of money and worries in the event of such an incident. And we are not talking about other evils, such as mold, which really blossoms in the presence of moisture.

If you live in a region where flooding is a frequent occurrence, then you probably already have experience with flooring replacement. However, water is a potential threat everywhere, regardless of where you live. For example, the plumbing system may be defective, and in a moment the garage is flooded. In some cases, it is enough just to dry out the garage, but if you have chosen an unsuitable flooring, the entire floor will have to be renovated. How to avoid this?

Epoxy is the most favorable protection

The cheapest way to defeat the water are epoxy paints. Although they have many other disadvantages (for example, they do not cope well with oil and various chemicals), water can not harm them. Usually they are used, for example, in showers or bathrooms. The only evil is mold, which feels at home in damp environments and does not stop at epoxy coatings. Another problem is groundwater, which can penetrate through the thin epoxy layer and cause dents or holes.

In order for the epoxy paint to be waterproof, you should choose a manufacturer that guarantees this. As a rule, two to three coats of the paint are required, and the bottom layer is absorbed by the concrete and seals it so that it does not absorb water. However, in case of flooding, it takes longer for the floor to dry. In fact, due to the influence of high temperatures, epoxy becomes brittle and it loses its original properties, so do not use drying equipment. You can either let the floor dry naturally, which takes a long time, or use air circulation - dry air is supplied and moist air is discharged. This process takes about fourteen days.

Ceramic tiles are good to clean

When people in flooded areas renovate their floors, they often resort to ceramic tiles. This type of flooring is commonly used in bathrooms, water cannot harm it. An advantage is also the ease of maintenance. After all, in case of flooding occurs not only water, but also mud. The ceramic tiles are simply washed off.

Problems arise here when drying the base, tiles that can not be removed, slow down this process. It takes a while for the concrete under the tiles to dry. Sometimes mold also appears if the room was damp for a very long time. The only solution is a complete renovation of the entire floor.

Wooden floors must always be removed

Wooden floors look wonderful, but they do not tolerate water. With wet wood flooring, it is practically clear that mold will soon appear. The only option is to take apart the floor, so that the base can dry for several weeks.

Depending on the extent of flooding, sometimes it is enough to replace only part of the floor, in other cases, the entire renovation is necessary. Of course, the original floor can be laid again, if it is sufficiently dry.

PVC can be disassembled and reassembled again

A great relief is provided by PVC flooring, such as the PVC tiles terramondi Light, which are not attached to the base. In fact, this floating floor covering can be disassembled without any problems. It will not be damaged in the process and can be easily re-installed after drying, saving you money and worries when looking for a new floor covering. This flooring is often used, for example, in garages, basements, workshops or industrial premises.

Unlike wood, PVC tiles can be carefully cleaned with water, which eliminates the mud. In addition, terramondi has a unique drainage system that reduces moisture. Therefore, you do not have to worry about mold. In the picture you can see a detail of the Air Flow system, which allows the floor to dry.

Water can harm anyone

If you think that water cannot harm you, you are mistaken. Situations where water causes trouble really do abound. A burst water pipe, a lot of rain, flooding or any other water leakage in the house, and the damage is there. In such cases, you will have many other worries, so make your life a little easier by having a reliable floor.

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein

Tobias Klein writes for terramondi technical articles about PVC tiles.
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